Animal Liberation Tasmania resoundingly condemns the push by the Tasmanian Liberals to reintroduce draconian anti-protest laws that have the potential to see concerned citizens face jail times usually reserved for criminals convicted of crimes such as murder. Under the proposed legislation, individuals will face the prospect of 18 months imprisonment […]

Statement regarding Rodeo at the Hobart Show

Following last week’s incident at the Royal Hobart Show in which a young bull severely broke his leg Animal Liberation Tasmania is again calling for an Independent Office of Animal Welfare (IOAW) at a State level. This deeply upsetting incident is a clear example of the way non-human animals suffer […]

MEDIA RELEASE: We Won’t Forget

Today from 12-2pm Animal Liberation Tasmania will be staging a vigil at Gretna Meatworks, in memoriam of the many animals whose lives have been violently taken at this slaughterhouse. Gretna Meatworks was the subject of an exposé released in October 2016, revealing acts of egregious animal cruelty and multiple welfare […]

MEDIA RELEASE: Activists Hold Vigil At Exposed Slaughterhouse

Today members of Tasmanian Animal Save (TAS) and Animal Liberation Tasmania (ALT) will hold a peaceful vigil outside Tasmanian Quality Meats at Cressy. The aim of this joint action is to bear witness to the animals being transported to slaughter, and draw attention to the plight of animals used for […]

MEDIA RELEASE: New Slaughterhouse Expose Projected Onto Wall Of Butcher

Last night, Animal Liberation Tasmania projected newly exposed footage from Cradoc Hill Abattoir onto the butcher they supply to, Huon Valley Meat Co, while simultaneously holding a candlelight vigil. Displayed next to the company’s billboard, an image of raw meat, the footage showed the forgotten process of how this product […]

MEDIA RELEASE: New Animal Cruelty Exposé Adds To Mounting Pressure On DPIPWE

Animal Liberation and Animal Liberation Tasmania have just released shocking footage from the Australian dairy industry, including bobby-calf slaughter from the Tasmanian export-grade abattoir, Tasmanian Quality Meats abattoir in Cressy. Tasmanian Quality Meats is the 13th slaughterhouse to be exposed in Australia in 5 years, and the 2nd Tasmanian slaughterhouse […]

MEDIA RELEASE: Tasmanian Animal Rights Groups Call For MOFO Mercy

Local animal rights groups have today called for mercy, and have offered to facilitate the rescue and rehoming of the bull at the centre of the Dark MOFO controversy. Animal Liberation Tasmania, Animals Tasmania, the Animal Justice Party and Brightside Farm Sanctuary have called upon the organisers of the internationally […]

MEDIA RELEASE: Animal Rights Organisation Calls Out Government Department Failings

Animal Liberation Tasmania (ALT) has once again taken to the streets of Hobart in response to footage released two and a half weeks ago by Animal Liberation New South Wales, exposing horrific cruelty at a Tasmanian slaughterhouse, Gretna Quality Meats. Following the controversial Tasman Bridge protest, activists are engaging in […]

MEDIA RELEASE: Tasman Bridge Response

Animal Liberation Tasmania Media Response Following today’s action on the Tasman Bridge, Animal Liberation Tasmania (ALT) would like to both issue a formal apology to the public, and clarify a few points that have been stated in the media, which are false representations of the motivation behind the presence on […]

MEDIA RELEASE: Animal Liberation Tasmania, Gretna Action

BREAKING: Brave Activists Lock Onto Iconic Tasmanian Structure in Response to Recent Footage of Extreme Animal Cruelty Happening now: Animal rights activists from the group Animal Liberation Tasmania have dropped a large banner from overhanging signage on the Tasman Bridge and have gathered along the bridge in protest. Late last […]

Gretna Quality Meats Exposed

Article published by Aussie Farms. Exposed by Animal Liberation NSW investigators in October 2016. Hidden cameras captured workers hitting and inadequately stunning animals, shooting them with a rifle, and often stunning or killing them in front of each other. One incident involved a sow who was shot in the head several […]

Tasmanian Abattoir Investigated Over Animal Cruelty Claims

ABC has published an article of the animal cruelty captured on camera at Gretna Quality Meats with a brief clip shown on local ABC news. The footage was released by Animal Liberation NSW and documents grotesque violence towards animals. View the full story and video here. For more information and uncensored videos and […]

Rabbit Farming Exposed

Animal Liberation NSW with the help of Animal Liberation WA have conducted a thorough investigation of the rabbit meat industry in Australia, uncovering horrific conditions and practices. Footage was captured in Tasmania at a Glencroft farm. You can view this footage here. To view the full campaign click here. Featured Photo: Aussie […]

Eggs Exposed-An Aussie Farms and Animal Liberation Investigation

For every egg-laying hen born into the Australian egg industry, a male chick is born who can’t lay eggs and therefore has no commercial value. Every year in Australia, around 12 million of these male chicks are macerated (ground up alive) or gassed in the first day of their lives […]

Explosive allegations as leaked letter points to mass greyhound grave

As Premier Mike Baird prepares what some senior MPs expect to be a change of course on the government’s historic greyhound racing ban, the state government is continuing several inquiries into explosive allegations of mass graves and corruption linked to the sport. Full article here. Featured Photo: Craig Golding