MEDIA RELEASE: New Animal Cruelty Exposé Adds To Mounting Pressure On DPIPWE


Animal Liberation and Animal Liberation Tasmania have just released shocking footage from the Australian dairy industry, including bobby-calf slaughter from the Tasmanian export-grade abattoir, Tasmanian Quality Meats abattoir in Cressy.
Tasmanian Quality Meats is the 13th slaughterhouse to be exposed in Australia in 5 years, and the 2nd Tasmanian slaughterhouse in less than a year.

The footage shows workers repeatedly beating calves with poly-pipes and paddles, picking up and throwing calves onto the V-restraint and yelling abuse at the terrified animals – all breaches of the national animal welfare standards Tasmania is supposed to abide by. This footage was reported to the Department of Primary Industries Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) in December 2016, and still no action has been taken to protect these animals.

This comes just months after Gretna Quality Meats abattoir in Tasmania was exposed last year, after which numerous experts called for immediate closure of the facility due to cruelty, and were subsequently ignored by DPIPWE in favour of an internal investigation. The results of this investigation are yet to be released, and animals are still being killed there every week.

One of those experts, Dr. Bidda Jones, RSPCA Australia chief scientist, has described the latest Tasmanian exposé as “horrifying”.

For Animal Liberation and Animal Liberation Tasmania there is a distinct sense of déjà vu.

“This is the second time in just over 6 months that DPIPWE has been shown evidence of animal cruelty under their care, and the second time they have failed to act,” Animal Liberation Tasmania campaign director, Mehr Gupta, states. “They are choosing to turn a blind eye to cruelty, and by doing so, are partly to blame for the cruelty we are repeatedly seeing in footage”.

DPIPWE has proven they can not be trusted with the protection of animals, and Animal Liberation and Animal Liberation Tasmania are calling for the public to watch the footage and determine for themselves if they find it acceptable.
The footage, and further resources, can be viewed at

MEDIA RELEASE: Tasmanian Animal Rights Groups Call For MOFO Mercy

Local animal rights groups have today called for mercy, and have offered to facilitate the rescue and rehoming of the bull at the centre of the Dark MOFO controversy. Animal Liberation Tasmania, Animals Tasmania, the Animal Justice Party and Brightside Farm Sanctuary have called upon the organisers of the internationally acclaimed arts and culture festival to grant mercy upon the animal, by cancelling the event and allowing them to save him from the slaughterhouse.

A life-long safe haven would be then organised by Brightside Farm Sanctuary. The groups cite the 15000 signatures on a petition opposing 150.Action as an indication of broad community support for this proposal. “We thank Mr. Walsh and Dark MOFO for igniting such an interesting public debate over the ethics of our treatment of non-human animals. As Mr. Walsh has said his purposes have already been served, we now encourage him to accept our proposal to rescue this animal from slaughter, in an ultimate act of mercy.” -Kristy Alger, spokesperson Animal Liberation Tasmania.

150.Action is the brainchild of controversial Austrian artist Hermann Nitsch. The event at Dark MOFO will mark the 150th time he has performed this work. In 2015 Nitsch was prevented from staging his action in Mexico City after a petition signed by over 5000 individuals caused the museum holding the event to cancel.

MEDIA RELEASE: Animal Rights Organisation Calls Out Government Department Failings


Animal Liberation Tasmania (ALT) has once again taken to the streets of Hobart in response to footage released two and a half weeks ago by Animal Liberation New South Wales, exposing horrific cruelty at a Tasmanian slaughterhouse, Gretna Quality Meats. Following the controversial Tasman Bridge protest, activists are engaging in another peaceful protest, this time outside the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE), in order to highlight the inaction by the regulatory body that is supposed to be responsible for the protection of animals that go through this facility.

A number of white crosses have been spread out on the ground outside DPIPWE for the animals who have suffered, and are still suffering, at this facility due to the failure of the Department to act, despite clear evidence of the violence that is occurring there. Activists are holding a banner with the URL where this evidence can be viewed, as well as stills of the footage and quotes from the slaughterhouse owner, Mr. Michael Munnings and Minister for Primary Industries and Water, Mr. Jeremy Rockliff.

These quotes include references to the slaughterhouse operating by the code, and that there is a robust regulatory process in place, which includes regular inspections of these types of facilities. However a report by chief scientist of RSPCA Australia, Bidda Jones, has stated a number of “key failings” that are occurring at this facility. Some, such as the overt cruelty to animals, can be clearly seen on the undercover video footage released. Others, such as inappropriate and failing equipment, should have been picked up during regular inspections of the facility by DPIPWE, before this footage was even released. All show that the system that is currently in place is failing those who it is designed to protect.

RSPCA Tasmania currently has a Memorandum of Understanding with DPIPWE, so they cannot take over the investigation into the Gretna facility. However, any member of the public can prosecute in Tasmania, and if the Department fails to prosecute this facility, ALT believes the RSPCA should take on this role. Failing this, ALT will look into other options.

“There is evidence to suggest DPIPWE have overlooked failings of the facility during past inspections thinking no one would find out, and that they are currently overlooking the exposed cruelty thinking no one will care. However Animal Liberation Tasmania, as well as many members of the community, do care, and will go to every effort to ensure protection for the animals DPIPWE is failing”, says spokesperson for Animal Liberation Tasmania, Mehr Gupta. “The Department should be embarrassed by how they have failed in regards to this facility”.

MEDIA RELEASE: Tasman Bridge Response


Animal Liberation Tasmania Media Response

Following today’s action on the Tasman Bridge, Animal Liberation Tasmania (ALT) would like to both issue a formal apology to the public, and clarify a few points that have been stated in the media, which are false representations of the motivation behind the presence on the Tasman Bridge today.

It has been stated that ALT members blocked a lane of traffic. This is incorrect. At no point did ALT ever intend to block or disrupt traffic. There were two activists harnessed on to overhanging signage hanging up a banner, and 20-30 in the walkway on one side of the bridge. No members of ALT were ever on, or intending to move onto, the road in any of the lanes.

When police arrived they approached an ALT spokesperson and instructed that the two hanging the banner must come down, and then proceeded to close a lane. Lane closure has not happened in previous actions of a similar nature, and so was unprecedented. Once established that the lane was going to be shut and disrupt traffic, the two activists complied with police and immediately attempted to descend in the same way they ascended, which had caused no traffic disruptions, however the ladder that was used for their ascent had been removed by officials on the bridge. This caused an unnecessary delay in which traffic continued to bank up. Given one of the activists was told that a lane need not have been closed had they immediately climbed down, it begs the question why the ladder was removed. At no point during this process was it necessary for any members of ALT to be in the lane that was closed, making the closure redundant.

ALT understands that no matter the original intention, the outcome of this caused a large number of people huge inconveniences, and sincerely apologises for that. Every precaution was taken in the preparation of this event so this exact outcome was avoided. Unfortunately, this did not end up being the case.

ALT would also like to remind everyone about the importance of the issue that they were raising awareness for. Last week, for the 12th time in the last four years, an Australian slaughterhouse was exposed and shocking footage of animal cruelty brought to the attention of the relevant regulatory body. Following this release, chief scientist of the RSPCA national body Bidda Jones, head of RSPCA Tasmania Peter West, Independent MP Andrew Wilkie and Greens MP Andrea Dawkins have all called for the facility (Gretna Quality Meats) to be shut down, at least while there is an ongoing investigation. Despite this, the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment has allowed owner, Mr. Michael Munnings, to continue operating. Considering there are clear breaches of guidelines, faulty equipment and improper training of workers, Animal Liberation Tasmania is extremely concerned this place is still allowed to kill animals. The idea for choosing this location and time was to raise as much awareness as possible about the systemic and widespread cruelty involved in the slaughter of animals, and to point out that authorities can not be trusted to protect these animals while they have a vested interest in industry. Instead, what has consistently shut down these places in recent years has been public opposition.

“ALT is very sorry for the inconvenience caused to people today, as blocking lanes of traffic was never our intention and we did not believe it would be necessary if we complied with the police,” says spokesperson, Mehr Gupta. “We hope people can see past this, and understand the gravity of the issue we are trying to raise awareness for and why this called for what people may consider drastic action. If anyone was angered by our approach today, we ask that they watch the footage on and see why we are angered everyday by the unnecessary suffering of millions of animals because people are not aware it is occurring, and that they are contributing to it.”

MEDIA RELEASE: Animal Liberation Tasmania, Gretna Action


BREAKING: Brave Activists Lock Onto Iconic Tasmanian Structure in Response to Recent Footage of Extreme Animal Cruelty

Happening now: Animal rights activists from the group Animal Liberation Tasmania have dropped a large banner from overhanging signage on the Tasman Bridge and have gathered along the bridge in protest.

Late last week Animal Liberation NSW, an animal rights group dedicated to ending the suffering of confined and abused animals, released graphic undercover vision from the Gretna slaughterhouse which showed animals being beaten with pipes, kicked, and slaughtered in front of each other. Animals could be seen fully conscious during the slaughter process. Animal Liberation Tasmania, a local animal rights group, are demonstrating today against the extreme trauma and suffering captured in the footage and to draw attention to the unnecessary and systemic violence caused to animals sent to slaughter.

While industry would like the public to believe that this is just a “rogue operator”, Gretna Quality Meats is the 12th slaughterhouse to be exposed in Australia in the past four years, indicating the documented cruelty is a widespread feature of the slaughter industry. In fact the owner of the facility, Michael Munnings, was reported in The Mercury on Monday October 17th saying everything they were doing was standard practice according to the code.
Despite Bidda Jones of the national RSPCA body, Peter West of RSPCA Tasmania, Greens MP Andrea Dawkins and Independent MP Andrew Wilkie calling for the suspension of work at the slaughterhouse, the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) has not enforced this, and the facility operated as normal yesterday despite currently being under investigation. These failings by the DPIPWE suggests they can not be trusted to protect animals, and Animal Liberation Tasmania would like to see police involvement. The inaction by the Department reflects what has occurred with previous exposés, in which the outcome has almost always been a slap on the wrist for the slaughterhouse in question. Animal Liberation Tasmania, alongside animal rights groups across the country, is calling for more.

“As consumer consciousness grows, Tasmanians are demonstrating a desire to reduce the suffering of animals by expressing support for locally farmed, free range, and humanely raised and killed products. However, many of these labels are just used as marketing tools; as this footage shows, there is no humane way to kill someone who doesn’t want to die,” says Animal Liberation Tasmania spokesperson, Mehr Gupta. “We are here to raise awareness that this is occurring from local to global on a scale that is almost impossible to comprehend, and more importantly, that this does not need to happen. These animals are in this position because people are asleep to their suffering, and how their eating habits perpetuate it.”

The truth is there is no such thing as humane slaughter. The reality of raising and killing animals for food means that millions of animals will suffer. Animal Liberation Tasmania hopes that this vision will get more people thinking about who is on their dinner plate.

Tasmanian abattoir must close immediately over animal cruelty claims, RSPCA says

The RSPCA has called for the immediate closure of a Tasmanian abattoir accused of severe animal cruelty.

The ABC has obtained graphic vision that animal welfare groups said showed the prolonged and unlawful suffering of pigs, sheep and cows at the facility.

The abattoir in the Derwent Valley, north of Hobart, strongly denied the claims, and said its operation was lawful and that it would take legal action.

View the full story here. 


Tasmanian Abattoir Investigated Over Animal Cruelty Claims


ABC has published an article of the animal cruelty captured on camera at Gretna Quality Meats with a brief clip shown on local ABC news. The footage was released by Animal Liberation NSW and documents grotesque violence towards animals. View the full story and video here.
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Photo credit: Aussie Farms