MEDIA RELEASE: New Animal Cruelty Exposé Adds To Mounting Pressure On DPIPWE

Animal Liberation and Animal Liberation Tasmania have just released shocking footage from the Australian dairy industry, including bobby-calf slaughter from the Tasmanian export-grade abattoir, Tasmanian Quality Meats abattoir in Cressy. Tasmanian Quality Meats is the 13th slaughterhouse to be exposed in Australia in 5 years, and the 2nd Tasmanian slaughterhouse […]

MEDIA RELEASE: Tasman Bridge Response

Animal Liberation Tasmania Media Response Following today’s action on the Tasman Bridge, Animal Liberation Tasmania (ALT) would like to both issue a formal apology to the public, and clarify a few points that have been stated in the media, which are false representations of the motivation behind the presence on […]

Gretna Quality Meats Exposed

Article published by Aussie Farms. Exposed by Animal Liberation NSW investigators in October 2016. Hidden cameras captured workers hitting and inadequately stunning animals, shooting them with a rifle, and often stunning or killing them in front of each other. One incident involved a sow who was shot in the head several […]

Rabbit Farming Exposed

Animal Liberation NSW with the help of Animal Liberation WA have conducted a thorough investigation of the rabbit meat industry in Australia, uncovering horrific conditions and practices. Footage was captured in Tasmania at a Glencroft farm. You can view this footage here. To view the full campaign click here. Featured Photo: Aussie […]